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Recorded in Albuquerque, New Mexico and Boise, Idaho.


Alef's all alabaster and abalone;
with a stalactite cane that's done depositing.
He's waxed so old and alone and lonely,
and can't care to stir from his recollecting.

"You've got sand stuck in your seashell skin,"
Ambition admonishes, her hollow finger swinging.
"You've faltered so far, you can't say how beneath you've been."
Though any struggle could just spur the sinking sand to its

Alef's all antlion and acrimony;
carved out a cave that keeps collapsing.
He's unfolded so furled and furrowed and phony,
and can't keep from the fear of asphyxiating.

"You've got faults flowing through and through your form,"
Admission acknowledges, her heavy nature shifting.
"But fate still says you're worthy and swore
you can be everything in addition to what you're

Here's her hand and take some breath.
She’s been counting what you're made of,
and there's still so much left.

Take her hand and here’s some breath.
You should be leaving what you’re counting,
while there’s still some time left.

He runs a hand along a crack and sighs;
how the left split from the ribs on the right.
He raises an arm to overcast his eyes;
halcyon litter sieved from the river beside.


from Kingfisher and the Winterwild, released February 1, 2014



all rights reserved


Anatole Underwater Boise, Idaho

Anatole Underwater is the chronicle of a one-man ballooning expedition above the Arctic Ocean seeking a shipwrecked urban ruin. It is also the story of a girl made of corundum and ram horns, toppled against the fable of a church minister who steamed tea for the snow monster's ghost. A timeworn account, chiseled into fossilized araucaria, deciphered and translated, then chorded, arranged, and sung. ... more

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